Webinar Programme

Connections in Mind’s complimentary webinars about executive functions bring experts in the field of executive function, neuroscience and coaching to you, wherever you are. Our webinar series looks at executive functions in more detail and gives you practical strategies and guidance on how engaging and improving your EF’s in the home and professional environment can help you to excel and flourish.

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Executive Functions: What are they and why do they matter?

Wednesday 8th January, 8pm-9pm NOW CLOSED

About this webinar: The webinar, with Victoria Bagnall, Co Founder of Connections in Mind, is an excellent introduction to how neuroscientists define executive function skills for adults, how executive functions develop and the factors that influence their development. In particular, Victoria will look at:

Self-control which involves controlling one’s thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Planning which refers to the ability to outline long-term goals and identify obstacles and possible solutions.

Monitoring which refers to the moment-by-moment awareness of thoughts, feelings, behaviour and one’s progress towards a goal.

What will participants learn: Participants will learn what executive-function skills are and why they’re important for life success and learn how to integrate executive function strategies into every day life.

Who is this webinar aimed at? Everyone

Cost: Complimentary

For a copy of the webinar recording please email info@connectionsinmind.co.uk

The Best Kept Secret for Achieving Success - Executive Functions

Wednesday 5th February, 2pm

About this webinar: This webinar with Victoria Bagnall, Co Founder of Connections in Mind and executive function coaching expert, will discuss how an executive function coach can work with your teams to better understand the mental processes that are keys to learning and helping us to do things like remembering instructions, sustaining attention, and managing multiple tasks. Fully understand how neuroscience and executive function skills development will help unlock the potential of your teams.

What will participants learn: How managing executive functions can directly improve individual and team success within the workplace, how to improve productivity and decrease turnover by focusing on executive functions and being aware of environmental factors and best practices and suggestions for evidence-based tools to assess and teach better executive function.

Who is this webinar aimed at? Professionals, HR, People Management

Cost: Complimentary

Working Parent: The Balancing Act

Wednesday 22nd January, 8pm-9pm – NOW FULL

Tuesday 28th January, 8pm-9pmNEW DATE

About this webinar: Being a parent is one of life’s biggest and most important roles. Equally, when you work, it can also be one of the most challenging ones. It can be joyful and fulfilling, but it can also be overwhelming and exhausting and the stress of juggling parenting responsibilities with the demands of work take their toll on many parents’ personal and professional lives.

This complimentary webinar with Imogen Moore-Shelley, Co Founder of Connections in Mind, will talk you through managing and using your executive functions to combine your professional responsibilities with your personal commitments for success.

What will participants learn: Explore how by engaging and using your executive functions you can feel included, engaged and supported in finding the right balance between family and work, maximising your potential. Through practical advice on executive functions reduce your stress, develop coping mechanisms and manage the ‘juggle’ more effectively.

Who is this webinar aimed at? Working parents

Cost: Complimentary

The ADHD - Executive Function Connection

Wednesday 29th January, 8pm-9pm – NOW FULL

Wednesday 5th February, 8pm-9pm 

About this webinar: Learn about the connection between ADHD and executive function, how it affects your focus and organisation, and more with Victoria Bagnall, Co Founder of Connections in Mind. Victoria will cover:

Activation: organising tasks and materials, estimating time, prioritising tasks, and getting started on work tasks.

Effort: regulating alertness, sustaining effort, and processing speed. Emotion: managing frustration and emotions.

Action: monitoring and regulating self-action (impulsivity).

What participants will learn: Participants will better understand; how your ADHD mind works in relation to organisation, how to plan, organize and complete tasks and which executive functions affect your ability to get organized.