Revision Skills Courses


 Revision Skills, Revision Planning, Exam and Essay Technique

10th 11th 12th February or 27th 28th 29th March


Does your child have lots of revision to do but has no idea where to start?

Does your child need help to develop effective revision strategies?  

Does your child need help understanding exactly what is needed from them in an exam?

Our 3 day courses use an executive function based approach to give all students skills and strategies to perform to their best in exams.

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, consider signing up your child up for our courses. Email us at for more information or to schedule a call with one of our executive function experts to find out more.


What are executive function skills and how to they effect revision and exams?

Executive functions, such as organisation, task initiation and time management, are processed /located in the prefrontal cortex. Recent scientific studies have found that this part of the brain typically takes 25 years to develop and longer in individuals with learning challenges such as ADHD and dyslexia (Deluca & Leventer, 2008).

Children who have deficient executive skills often have trouble getting started on revision, get distracted easily, have disorganized files and are unsure of what they need to do to succeed in an exam. They make careless mistakes, put off revision until the last minute and have no sense of time urgency. Workspaces are disorganised and teachers often refer to their backpacks or lockers as “black holes”. Our courses are designed with these students in mind, students who attend our courses will leave with a bespoke set of strategies and skills to use in their revision and exams.

What will be covered?

Our small group courses are designed and run by some of the UK’s most experienced tutors and coaches, with proven track records of helping young people achieve their potential in public exams. Our programme has been expertly designed to be relevant to each and every student.  Students will work with our experts to develop bespoke skills, strategies and plans which suit their working style and their specific course demands.

Day 1 – Revision skills. Our course will teach evidence based revision skills   which can be employed across the disciplines. Students bring their own course content to work on and our experts help them to use the skills and strategies they have learned to start developing their own set of focused, succinct and effective revision resources.

Day 2- Revision planning. By the end of this day each student will leave with a bespoke revision plan. This course teaches students how to prioritise the content they need to revise, allocate time to complete the revision and, together with the support of our experts, make a realistic revision plan for the time they have available. They will have a plan they can put into practice right away.

Day 3 – Essay and Exam Technique.  Students will work in small groups to discover the secret of essay writing and unpick mark schemes so that they understand exactly what the examiners are looking for in their answers.

Students will leave with a set of revision skills and resources, a bespoke revision plan and a better awareness of what is expected in their exams.


Chelsea Academy, Lots Road, London, SW10 0AB

Group sizes:

16 spaces: maximum of 8 students to an expert.

Dates & Times:

10th 11th 12th Feb or 27th 28th 29th March

10am – 4pm


Complete 3 day course: £375 + VAT

1 day course: £145 + VAT

includes healthy lunch & snacks