Coaching for university readiness

For students with executive function challenges the transition to University can be a daunting prospect, not only for them but for their parents too. The student is moving from the school environment where there is a significant level of support to the university environment were there are few if any such supports. No one will provide cues regarding curfews, wake up times etc. and there will be no immediate repercussions if they do not attend lectures or hand in essays on time. Left unaided these students often drop out of university, with the associated impact on their finances and their confidence so early on in their adult lives.

The Connections in Mind team offers coaching to ensure a smooth transition to the independence of undergraduate life. Our coaches will develop a bespoke programme which might include sessions on:

  • writing extended essays;
  • prioritising a reading list;
  • taking notes when reading;
  • effective use of electronic calendar apps;
  • effective use of reminders;
  • using your time effectively;
  • juggling commitments;