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Who can benefit from Executive Skills Coaching?

Children and young people with executive function challenges are often bright and able, but just can’t manage their daily lives. These children are often seen as lazy and unmotivated and adults become increasingly frustrated by their apparent difficulty in doing the ‘basic things’ in life. Problems with task initiation, time management, planning and organisation, shifting and task monitoring can have a significant impact both academically and behaviourally. The result can be a young person who is isolated from adults around them and achieving well below their potential in school.

Executive skills coaching is appropriate for children who:

  • continually lose papers or assignments
  • chronically forget to hand in homework despite reminders
  • have trouble getting started on tasks
  • find it hard to plan their schedule or get down to work leading to fights at home with parents
  • struggle to know how to revise for exams
  • produce poorly structured essays
  • put off work until the last minute
  • have no sense of time urgency

What is Coaching for Independent Learning?

Our coaching for independent learning program is a bespoke service where young people are trained in the skills they find challenging. The young person works closely and intensively with a coach over a number of weeks and months to achieve specified goals. Goals are generated by the young person themselves with the help of the coach. Daily contact in the first few weeks supports the student to meet short term goals (e.g. hand in homework on time) which contribute to medium term goals (e.g. get a B in biology this term) and ultimately long term goals (e.g. go to University of xxx). Sessions are face to face and over skype, enabling regular contact to suit the student’s schedule. Coaches are also available to liaise in-between sessions and offer support via text and email if needed.

The program is an adaptation of the Smart but Scattered approach (Dr Peg Dawson & Dr Richard Guare) which has been shown to improve functioning and academic performance in individuals with EF difficulties including those with a diagnosis ADHD.

Connections in Mind has a range of trained coaches; referred students will be carefully matched to a coach. All our coaches are closely supervised and monitored.

Who is the service appropriate for?

Coaching for independent learning is suitable for young people aged 11 years +

Coaching with parental support can be offered for primary school aged children


How do I make a referral?

To make a referral please email or call 020 8050 1605. We would be happy to come and talk to your service about how we work and answer any questions.